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firewolf2007 has started a donation pool!
51 / 636
Those who donate at the moment can receive any request (not including any sort of nudity, or animals/furry ...although i can try).
Thanks to those who donated to me in the past!
Hoping to get a membership from the points that i get. Ill be doing commissions for points or donations are good ^^
1 point= A rough sketch
*1 point per character
5 points = a cleaned out sketch
10 points= a sketch colored
15 points=line and color
20 points= line,color and shading
25 points= everything plus textures
30 points= background designed plus everything above

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Michelle Marin
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
TUMBLR: http:/ (shenanigans you'll rarely see my art but you can get to know me better here)
Instagram: (i mostly put sketches i work on here and my everyday life)
youtube:… (watch me watch silly videos haha)
small update:
So,, suddenly im posting more deviations and i guess more people are looking at my profile? So, a little bit of myself. I'm gender-queer (please do not get offended and send me notes about this. Just google it and learn better about this because i will ignore you..unless you politely ask) and you can say he she,them, i dont really care. I kinda enjoy being called he when im gaming the most (since everyone seems to think im a 14 year old lol). You can say she or her doesnt matter . It can be whatever you're comfortable with (hey options to call me whatever...but not rude things..) I have many nicknames like; BeastChan, Horn, Dark, Mich, Michan, Machofly (only family calls me this and Michelada ..or however you spell it..spanish drinks these days), Cuernos, CuernosBeste, Darkfreedoma, Darkwinged. These are all mixed with usernames or my real name (Michelle) and it just doesnt matter. I do plan to change firewolf2007 to CuernosBeste probably in the summer (writing this in May) so yeah...Another thing i love designing stuff. wHICH MEANS You can ask for requests because i will be stoked but if im full of like more than 5 for the week then no i cant do it. Usually some problems like my computer and just LIFE will come and ill be busy. Either way i do this as a hobby so i come back to drawing. If you do have a request or art/trade then itll most likely take a few days or even 2-3 weeks if im busy. If not and im inspired ill do it in a few hours lol;; I'm thinking of going into art and design for digital things in two ill be a student probably...If you have any tips for school im always up for that ;A;!! I'm also alright with critiques and ill probably want to explain stuff because thats how i am.. but i know i gotta stop that habit OTL. TAKE IT LIKE A MAN MICHELLE. Anyway, yeah im just up for anything..even gaming (hornedbeast15 for steam)
I use Sai paint for drawing and Photoshop Cs3 to Cs6 (depends if my computer can fucking take it) to edit stuff. I use random programs to play with my art yeah..
As for what i use for drawing i lately have been sketching my stuff and taking pictures of it then using it to draw something on Sai. I play around with traditional sketching and i hope to get into animation more this summer if i get a better PC (BECAUSE THIS ONE IS GR8 AND ALL BUT IT CANT TAKE SHIT.. dont get all in one pc guys..go get MAC or something i guess..or dont let your sister pick your shit for you.)

im also 100% mexican and ill probably be drawing more hispanic drawings because i guess..i just never do that? I have been inspired by some novelas lately...OTL

(ill add more later i guess)


I finished a fusion sobs . IM so grateful my mom stayed up with me..
Azurite fusion by firewolf2007
Azurite fusion
Collen intensifies  Sorry this is like a week late. I didnt think id be that busy or wouldnt get my pc in time but anyway here it is! TricerSpike gem named Blue Topaz and my gem Nuumite. OTL I didnt know how to draw the clarinet but i kinda just went with whatever ;q;/. Either way i hope you like it Tricer! hide 
Working on a fusion and I didn't expect I'd be busy this week. So, tomorrow I guess when I get my pc back I'll try to see what fusion to finish (im almost finished with one)
Wanting to draw two characters I dreamt of (not sure if I was one of them) and got bored thinking of a story. A girl falling in love with a serial killer and dying from the serial killer. Although, the funny thing is she can't die at all. So, the girl persuades her to only kill her and love her. The killer oddly goes a long with them and just live like that.... I guess but this was from a weird dream I had a long time ago. I plan on actually drawing some love stories but maybe after I finish Skull devil prologue and depression pages...
I was gonna draw another fusion tomorrow , but my cousins are coming. What sad times that a4e upon me.
Atacamite fusion by firewolf2007
Atacamite fusion
I drew my gemsona Nuumite and wingsof-freedom gemsona named Cupro. I thought their design was simple and cute. So, i just decided to draw them quick and of course i still have 3 more people in wait of their fusions XD. Anyway, thanks for letting me use, Cupro, wings :3c
I'd probably update more sketches if tagging system was working better.
Pre-designed Corundum by firewolf2007
Pre-designed Corundum
Really quick sketch I did today on trying to design deviantXTYX98 gem oc corundum. I'm just wondering what sort of types of sleeveless shirt and hair should be done for her. Also if I portrayed her close enough in this picture I have so far. Sorry I have crappy picture of her. I just wanted to post this before I go to sleep. I can't get on my pc atm either cause I'm using the family pc rn. Either way hope I'm not bothering ya too much about this. (ignore the comments I make for myself when I'm designing shtuff)

update: changed the picture to make it look clearer..not better not clearer (in a messy way lul)
Nuumite Fully healed by firewolf2007
Nuumite Fully healed
I had ideas to continue drawing Nuumite but cant turne on my pc. So, im using the family one (pc for two weeks sobs but ill probably be exchanging it today). Anyway, i am drawing a few pages of how she even got healed and i wanted to add this page of explanation what Nuumite stone does. Completely forgot that her stone is also sorcerer's stone (god that would of been interesting but i made up her design quick when i drew her) Maybe if people take interest to her they might read whats on that page and probably will know where the story will go.…
Also if anyone wants to do fusions im open for them. At first i didnt want to because Nuumite was cracked and im pretty sure cracked gems are unstable for fusions. I kinda wanted to have a partner with Nuumite but i dont wanna draw a new gem because the other one i designed didnt seem like id enjoy drawing. lol if anyone has ideas what Nuumite could do in her world thatd be neat. Since, im slowly thinking of what could happen and has nothing to do with the crystal gems. Not very fond of messing with original story lines of shows. It'd be fun making a new world thats connected to how those warp pads. Possible idea of Nuumite finding one of roaming around this planet shes been on after being abandon and then going to a new world. Either way if anyones interested they can add on haha.

Edit: Wow designing some fusions and my god this is really fun. I have 3 fusions ill be drawing this weekend and probably will only accept 2 more. So, ill see after i finish the first 3!
My stuff by firewolf2007
My stuff
Amethyst really looks nice with her simple design new clothes. Fits her really nicely :3c
Artblock with Nuumite 2 by firewolf2007
Artblock with Nuumite 2
Not sure if ill continue Nuumite doing weird poses (i probably might have a few more later heu). Either way after i finished reading god of highschool i didnt know what to draw but i wanted to do some sort of kicking move.. if that makes any sense.
March ID 2015 by firewolf2007
March ID 2015
I completely forgot that i didnt upload this on here. After my pc and everything i forgot about it...anyway new ID i guess?
Open Book Connie by firewolf2007
Open Book Connie
I wanted to draw open book connie (and full disclosure connie) for a while. Suddenly i felt like drawing her last night. Her open book designs were really good...who doesnt wan to draw that oqo

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